Tour 4

Andean tour

Trailriding Pucon - Chile
6 days / southern Andes / 1.490.000,00 CLP

This horseback vacation takes us through the Patagonian rainforest, pampa and the huge volcano Sollipulli. We get rewarded by a fantastic view of the kilometre long glacier in the crater and surrounding valley.

Day 1


After a hearty breakfast we go on a short „getting to know ride“ to the waterfalls „ojos del Caburgua“. We geht the chance to get familiar with our horses and get used to the chilean riding style (similar to western riding).
Granja familiar Pucon
Day 2

Lago Caburgo

This day offers a lot of variety. The hidden path leads us at the edge of a lake and constantly changing vegetation to the first beautiful campsite on a loneley shore of the lake. In the evening we have a typical chilean asado over the campfire.
Cabalgata Rio Blanco - Pucon
Horseback riding Pucón - Chile
Day 3 (6-7 hours)


After a hearty breakfast at the campfire we ride to the Araukarien forest. We set up our base camp at the foot of the impressive Volcano Sollipulli, which is part of one of the 4 volcanic belts in the Andes chain.
riding in Chile
Cabalgatas Pucon
Reiten in Chile - Pucon
Day 4 (6-7 hours)


Ascent to the breathtaking viewpoint at approx. 2200 meters with a view over the valley. The second highlight of this day is the view of the massive glacier in the crater of the sleeping volcano. In good weather conditions we have the view on 3 more volcanoes.
Horse trekking Pucon- Chile - Patagonia
Day 5 (6-7 hours)

Rio Blanco

Descent into the Rio Blanco valley where we enjoy natural hot springs at the tent camp.
Wanderreiten in Chile - Patagonien
Reittouren in Pucon - Chile
Day 6 (6-7 hours)


This day requires again the surefooted Criollo horses. Through challenging terrain we make our way back to Huife Valley. Farewell dinner at the farm.
Horseback riding Chile
cabalgata del día - Pucon