Horseback riding

Reittouren in Chile

Trail riding allows us to experience the beauty of Chile in its most original form. To ensure an individual experience we rely on small personal groups.


Tour 1

1/2 day / Trancura River- Ride / Price 40.000 CLP

Half-day ride

This varied half day ride is suitable for beginners to advanced riders. The easy area in the beginning helps the rider to get used to the horses before we enter the forest. After a snack at the river bank we follow a hidden path along the Trancura river.

Tour 2

1 day / community of Quelhue / Price 90.000 CLP

Rainforest day-tour - not available at the moment!

The ride takes 5–6 hours and leads us trough the indigenous community of Quelhue. After crossing a river we climb up a small path with our sure-footed horses surrounded by virgin rainforest. After a hearty picknick we´ll start heading back home. Possibility of trot and canter.
full day horsetrip around Pucon

Tour 3

4 days / Horse trekking through Huerquehue National Park / Price 950.000 CLP

Huerquehue National Park

Multi-day tour to Huerquehue National Park. This ride takes us on a fascinating journey to centuries-old forests and exciting river crossings.

Tour 4

6 days / southern Andes / Price 1.490.000,00 CLP

Andean tour

This horseback vacation takes us through the Patagonian rainforest, pampa and the huge volcano Sollipulli. We get rewarded by a fantastic view of the kilometre long glacier in the crater und surrounding valley.
Cabalgata de varios días al Volcan Sollipulli
Starter Course

The first time on a horse?

Reiterkurs im Ausland Chile
Always wanted to learn how to ride? Ask for our starter course where we introduce you step by step into the fascinating world of horse riding. For more details, dates and more please send an email to or call +56 9 66616151.